A Few Words About Sulina

Sulina is a Multi-dimensional Healer, Activator and Awakener. Placed in this time of Earth’s Awakening, to support those ready to transition into 5th-dimensional existence where they can live with bountiful Love, Compassion and Connection.

She elevates human consciousness and supports the transition from separation to unity, fear into love and scarcity into abundance for all.

She operates between worlds, here on earth and as a light-filled angelic 6th-dimensional crystalline force for good.

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Sulina’s high-dimensional frequency holds Arcturian, Lyran and Palladian guides who channel through her for what is most needed for you in the moment.

She is also supported by Shamanic Star Guides who also act through her with ancient light language and frequencies to clear what is holding you back to bring you back into balance with your truth, presence and so much more.

This being said Sulina is also open to the highest dimensions guides possible therefore a session with her will bring about the transformation which is unique to you but always for your highest good and the highest good for all.

Sulina has re-connected and embraced the ancient and the most natural abilities, to transmit the healing, activation awakening we all need as we transcend into the golden age of Aquarius.

What you already hold

You already have everything within you to heal and live a life that flows in harmony with the natural world, spiritual realms and universal expansion.

We are all part of nature and the universe. Each of us holds within us an inherent ability to resonate with the natural world, our soul tribe to bring about the New Earth: a place of love compassion and collaboration.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience and Sulina has the innate wisdom to awaken you to your full potential.

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Sulina lovingly supports healing journies and helps awaken your true essence, so you can live a life with universal support, connectedness and truth. We all have the capacity to raise our frequency, awaken our power and thrive with passion and purpose. Sulina has awoken her ability to channel the highest dimensional guides who will heal, re-calibrate, activate and also share with you exactly what you need to know.

You will awaken your innate guidance system to feel, see, sense and understand the wisdom from your higher self, and spiritual guides, to gain the clearest, and most profound support possible, moving forwards.

With these re-awoken skills, you can live a life of peace, positive change and ease, as when we receive the truth of all things and the best support, we get to enjoy life for all its wonders.

Witness how your thoughts, actions and words change after the experience and watch how your life changes for the better, day by day; with love, kindness and compassion.

Now is the time to choose love over fear, peace over constriction and connection over isolation.

If you are ready to step into your purpose, be the change you were always meant to be and awaken your spiritual gifts, take the next step and book your life-changing experience with Sulina.

Sulina’s back story

Sulina’s birth name is Christine Huffman, born in Manchester in 1972.

I was a healthcare professional and successful therapist, it looked like I had everything. I'd achieved all my life goals, but something was off. I was missing something but couldn't put my finger on it. There was a feeling of being misplaced, out of balance, and not being true to myself.

I found my answers by trusting my gut and started to steer my ship on a new course. Since then, my whole life has changed.

I was guided to turn down my dream job as a Paramedic Practitioner in a GP surgery, ended my relationship of almost 20 years and left a secure and lucrative career to follow my dreams. These were tough to navigate, especially with being a mother, but I needed to embody my path and purpose. They all felt right, so I took a leap of gut-felt faith and shifted my timeline.

Once I trusted and made changes, I realised how tense, anxious and stuck I had been. It was like cracking through concrete at times; so many faulty beliefs, self-imposed rules and shame kept me from so much. The thought of upsetting others, shining too bright and being judged paralysed me. But my new-found trust in my gut and intuition gave me the strength to move forward and be the real me.

The Spiral, Embodied Iching, and Immortal Arts came into my life through spectacular coincidences and divine intervention. I immersed myself in their resonance, mastered them and started to awaken my healing and alchemy skills.

I’ve since been guided, by my good friend, martial artist teacher and adept practitioner of Qigong and energy work, Dermot Corkey, to work with Solara AnRa, who’s a spiritual teacher of great importance to the unfolding of the New Earth timeline. Again I felt a calling to immerse myself in her teachings, but this was different to anything I had ever felt before, this felt familiar like an old friend I had re-connected with.

Through her love, support, wisdom and channelling and my magnetic pull to this ancient and innate way of working, I have found my true path as a Multi-dimensional Healer, Activator and Awakener.

I am grateful for all I have learned along the way, and I now choose to fully immerse myself into my path, purpose and passion as a multi-dimensional channel of light and love for the greater good of all.

I am fully alive, doing what I love daily, connecting to high-dimensional beings of light who hold deep and profound wisdom for my evolution and the evolution of the people I serve.

I lived this life with great pain and suffering but I now understand these were the lesions and guidance needed to connect with my path.

My passion for helping others to evolve makes my heart sing. Hearing about the wonderful changes which unfold following just one session and my clients sharing how they are able to move forward in life with more inner wisdom and clarity fills me with joy.
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I love what I do, and want to share this work in accessible ways for all.

Sulina Ra