Guided meditation resources

Here you will find a list of free resources created by Sulinara and her guides.

There are meditation, channelled wisdom, daily practices, activations, awakening and so much more.

downloadable recorded meditations resources

List of recorded meditations

List of recorded meditations

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Re-balance & Energise

These resources will support your evolution and the raising of your frequency, inner wisdom and awareness.

You are able to listen to them as often as you are guided.

All of these recordings are best experienced in a peaceful place in a seated or crosslegged position. It is also encouraged that you choose crystals you are guided to, to hold or be around you as you see fit. To further deepen the experience the burning of white sage, Pulo Santo or incense is recommended.

What you already hold

On completion it is also suggested to have a pen and paper or other noteing device to hand, to note down any profound experiences, wisdom or practical information you wish to recall and utilise.

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Sulinara Amun