One-to-One Sessions

Multi-Dimensional Healing, Activation and Awakening Session with Sulinara

You’ve been guided here by your guides

Here you will heal from the past (this and past lives), activate your innate wisdom and spiritual skills and awaken into the divine light being you are. This rebalance, reconnection and recalibration elevates your consciousness, frequency and support a clear higher self connection.

one to one healing session brighton
Let the past stay in the past

Step forward into clarity, awareness, peace and empowerment, so that you can shift into your true timeline as a divine being sent to learn, evolve and transcend into 5D with all the gifts this brings.

one to one healing sessions

You will experience

The white light of source, deep mother earth energies and hear clear and practical wisdom from the highest guides possible.

With resonance, psychic surgery, channelled energies and more. You will experience the removal of negative energies, implants, psychic arrows/darts/hooks, past life contracts, energy cords and/or drains. There is also recalibration, activation and charging of your chakra systems, aura and light body. Which brings balance, clarity of mind, awareness, spiritual wisdom and full embodiment of who you are.

After the session 

Once on the journey of healing, activation and awakening with Sulinara, you will notice that life gets easier, and you will gain an understanding of how to be in more flow, ease and awareness. You’ll take action easily, as your body works like an antenna receiving all you need to know with clarity and certainty. It is likely you’ll receive clearer innate and cosmic guidance and a deeper connection to Mother Earth the most wonderful life experience, filled with happiness, joy, and freedom.

You will receive an audio recording of the session which will be invaluable for ongoing learning and integration. Activities will also be channelled to support your ongoing awakening, guide connection and re-learning of the innate skills of who you are and why you are here.

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face to face healing sessions

Sessions are held face-to-face in:

The Open Door Complementary Centre Lewes, Sussex
The White Rabbit Glastonbury
Sessions are also available via Zoom.

One to One Sessions are £75

Get in touch to book or to have a chat to find out more


What My Clients Say

"Working with Sulinara was more than I could have expected, she helped work with my guides in a way no one else has. Through her they were able to identify a deep-seated issue.

Since our session, my life has shifted in many ways and I have been able to stroll through issues that would usually have presented as major triggers.

I feel like my very soul is back in alignment, for which I will be forever grateful."


Thank you for holding and leading an amazing group session Sulinara. It brought me a clarity in my mind and profound sense of relief, peace and joy.

Sulinara has been gifted with the ability to heal through channelling. I can feel her beautiful energy during her ceremonies and treatments, I felt lifted and more at peace with my own energies aligned . Thankyou Sulinara. It was a pleasure to meet you in Portugal and know you are now a practicing professional lightworker which is your calling.


"I had an interdimensional healing with Sulinara recently and I have to say there have been some major shifts in my energy and resolutions keep happening in my life for the issues I wanted some help with.

It’s quite amazing and for me an emotional experience and one I'm extremely thankful for.

I had no expectations as such and didn't know what the session would be like. I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone thinking of going for it and I suspect it may be different for everyone. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing some guidance. Thank you Sulinara 😊"


Suli is incredibly gifted at what she does. I had no expectations for the session.

The experience was powerful and grounding. I received clearing and healing for my heart, where I felt physical shift, leaving me feeling lighter softer and more expansive.

The guidance Suli channelled was deeply reassuring for my path and everything that occurred resonated with me. After the session I felt much more grounded and safe in my body. I also felt a stronger connection, to guides, as well as the inner most part of myself, and the universe.

I can really recommend Suli if you are seeking to connect to your path more deeply, or if you feel lost with your direction in life.

Sulinara Amun