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Sulinara has created these courses in collaboration with her guides to support your spiritual evolution and awakening for the greater good of all.

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Heal yourself

Learn the skills of channel writing, light language and other ways to invite in a beautiful life experience, divine connection and earthly flow. Awaken your inner and cosmic wisdom, so you no longer need to reach outside of yourself for answers as you already hold all you need.


Channel Writing

This course will teach you how to tune into your own guides for practical advice as they can see and understand all.

Sulinara and her guides will support you through channelled healings and activations to provide a strong and lasting connection you your highest guides possible. This ability is able to support a clear and profound life and all the wisdom you need to fully step into your path, purpose and passion.

These courses are provided online and face-to-face. Locations are currently Glastonbury and Sussex in the UK. Online courses will also be available so keep an eye out for our bulletins.

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Awaken or Strengthen your Light Language

Light language is with us all.

Once awakened it can support the healing of others and enable an upleveling of your own vibration and divine connection.

Sulinara will channel activations which will wake up this innate ability within you so you can connect to your Galactic guides, light councils and other skilled support spirits, such as shamanic, angelic, fairy guides, and the list goes on.

Sulinara Amun