Sulinara Amun

Multidimensional Healer, Awakener and Channel of Light.


I am Sulinara Amun offering you

Multidimensional Healing, Activations and Awakenings to transcend limitations and initiate all you can be

We will awaken your innate wisdom, spiritual abilities and connection to earth and source for a life beyond your wildest dreams

You have been guided here as there is something beautiful awakening within you

You already hold all the answers, powers and abilities within your being

You can raise your Consciousness, Vibration and Light

Now is the time to transcend from
Servitude to Empowerment
Isolation to Oneness
Fear to Love

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One to One

Welcome to the most ancient and natural form of healing which has been alive since the dawn of time. You already hold dormant power, wisdom and abilities to live your best life possible in harmony with all - take the next step to claim your true path. This support and practical wisdom will transcend anything you have ever experienced, but will also feel familiar.


Experience group multidimensional healing, activation and awakenings, which clear limitations, activate your innate wisdom and support you to navigate life with your own compass and truth. These uniquely channelled events give clear information, clearing, balancing and the adjustments which are needed to re-connect to your heart, higher self and purpose 

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Learn the skills of channel writing, light language and other ways to invite in a beautiful life experience, divine connection and earthly flow. Awaken your inner and cosmic wisdom, so you no longer need to reach outside of yourself for answers as you already hold all you need.


These powerful resources created by Sulinara and meditations will support your practice to improve your resonance and spiritual skills. Re-balance, energise, recalibrate, and attune to new states of being for calm, peace, tranquillity and joy.

downloadable recorded meditation resources

Awaken and embrace your uinique spirit

Let go of following the path of others and connect with your soul and soul tribe.

Awaken and embrace your unique spirit, path and purpose.

You are a being of light who chose to live in this time for a reason.

Sulnara and her high-dimensional guides know exactly what is needed for you now, no matter where you are on your journey


What My Clients Say

"Working with Sulinara was more than I could have expected, she helped work with my guides in a way no one else has. Through her they were able to identify a deep-seated issue.

Since our session, my life has shifted in many ways and I have been able to stroll through issues that would usually have presented as major triggers.

I feel like my very soul is back in alignment, for which I will be forever grateful."


Thank you for holding and leading an amazing group session Sulinara. It brought me a clarity in my mind and profound sense of relief, peace and joy.

Sulinara has been gifted with the ability to heal through channelling. I can feel her beautiful energy during her ceremonies and treatments, I felt lifted and more at peace with my own energies aligned . Thankyou Sulinara. It was a pleasure to meet you in Portugal and know you are now a practicing professional lightworker which is your calling.


"I had an interdimensional healing with Sulinara recently and I have to say there have been some major shifts in my energy and resolutions keep happening in my life for the issues I wanted some help with.

It’s quite amazing and for me an emotional experience and one I'm extremely thankful for.

I had no expectations as such and didn't know what the session would be like. I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone thinking of going for it and I suspect it may be different for everyone. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing some guidance. Thank you Sulinara 😊"


Suli is incredibly gifted at what she does. I had no expectations for the session.

The experience was powerful and grounding. I received clearing and healing for my heart, where I felt physical shift, leaving me feeling lighter softer and more expansive.

The guidance Suli channelled was deeply reassuring for my path and everything that occurred resonated with me. After the session I felt much more grounded and safe in my body. I also felt a stronger connection, to guides, as well as the inner most part of myself, and the universe.

I can really recommend Suli if you are seeking to connect to your path more deeply, or if you feel lost with your direction in life.


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Experience group multidimensional healing, activation and awakenings, which clear limitations, activate your innate wisdom and supports you to navigate life with your own compass and truth.

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